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We Got What We Ordered

Life is never boring here. We never go long without some new, and oftentimes, uncomfortable experience. You know the kind that I’m talking about: the you’ll-laugh-about-this-later experiences. The key, however, is to learn how to laugh in the moment knowing you’ll appreciate it even more later. Oh, the great laughs we’ve had!

The most common avenue […]

Waiting for My Plane to Come

For the first time in my life I felt what it was like to wait and pray for that little red and white plane to come.

I had just spent a day and a night in the Achuar village of Wayusensa, documenting a team from Reach Beyond who was working with the community on a […]

Highest Honor

I loved flying Ecuadorian jungle kids. They reveled in life, not yet acquiring their elders’ stoicism. At the village airstrips, girls moved in tight, giggling knots. Boys ganged, separated, then ganged again at each new wonder. They spoke whisper soft, peering, pointing, touching tentatively, watching me for any sign. In the midst of adult conversations, […]

The Forgotten Tribe

MAF partners with missionaries to reach a small tribe that has been overlooked

Missionary Andrew Claussen lay on the floor of a village hut for the third day in a row, hallucinating. The buzz of his table saw had stopped, and his family’s unfinished house frame was left unattended—all work now at a standstill.

Bamboo […]

A Timely Delay

Medevac flight in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo by Sean Cannon.

In Kalimantan, Indonesia, MAF pilot Paul College had an unplanned stop in Binawang, on a day when he was running late. Daylight was fading as he cleared the last mountain range and landed at this village deep in the jungle.

The MAF airstrip helper in Binawang […]

My First Prayer

NOTE: This is the first in a series chronicling some portions of my journey with Christ.

Life is a transformational process, one in which our Lord is always calling us. He may be calling us to Him for the first time, or He might be drawing us into a deeper relationship with Him, and a greater […]