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Where the Wild Things Are



Editor’s Note: MAF pilot Dave Forney serves in Indonesia and takes a yearly trek through the jungle that he flies over each day. He says understanding how challenging it is to travel through the dense vegetation and dangerous wildlife habitats makes him appreciate what MAF does for isolated people that much more. A story about […]

Practicing Hospitality

I am not a natural hostess. Back when I took my first Spiritual Gifts quiz, my “hospitality” score was nil. It just never seemed like something I’d ever enjoy or be particularly gifted in. When I saw so many other women’s beautiful hospitality skills, I’ll admit to being a little bit jealous–I wanted to be […]

When Pigs Don’t Fly

Editor’s note: Over the past year, this blog has covered the numerous ways that MAF flies various animals like snakes, horses, alligators and, yes, even pigs. And while pigs are welcome passengers, they aren’t so welcome on airstrips due to the hazard they present pilots attempting to land the aircraft. In classic Paul Harvey style, […]

Surviving Rainy, Swampy Air Strips

Nobody likes to get stranded when they are traveling by plane. A cancelled flight or mechanical failure can be frustrating beyond belief, especially when we simply want to get home to a loved one. When you are a missionary pilot flying in the jungle, those frustrations still exist.

I once went to pick up a missionary […]

The Blessing of Family

A familiar smile and the embrace I’ve felt hundreds of times, but have missed so much in the past year and a half, were mine to enjoy for the past three weeks as Chris and I had the privilege of welcoming my Mom into our jungle home for a visit. It was fun to […]