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A Playground for MKs

MAF kids put up with a lot of travel and transition! These kids spend countless hours in cramped airplanes, crowded terminals, and tight car seats as they travel to and from their countries to the States and MAF headquarters.

They need a place to stretch their legs!

MAF recently installed a playground at headquarters to give our […]

MAF Serving Haiti

MAF’s Haiti program has dedicated missionaries who pilot, train, and maintain aircraft so the Lord’s work can be carried to each of the country’s corners. During the disasters that have befallen the country, MAF has played vital roles in relief efforts, all for God’s glory. Learn more at

Lesotho Shepherd Ministry

Merrill is reaching the shepherds who live in Lesotho’s stunning mountains with the Gospel. Without your support through MAF, her ministry might not be possible and these communities would remain cut off.

“I don’t think I could stay here if I didn’t have MAF to bring me in and out. It’s a long way […]