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From the First Day Until Now

When an MAF airplane lands in a village, everything changes. Communities gain access to medical care, educational opportunities, community development, and the message of the gospel. And the impact is not just for the short term—years and decades of MAF service can transform the lives of isolated people and entire communities as they experience the […]

Thank You for a Great 2018!


We can’t overemphasize how much your support of MAF’s ministry means—not just to us but to isolated people all over the world who rely on MAF’s airplanes. Because of people like you, MAF was able to share Christ’s love in 2018. Thank you!

Please enjoy this short video that expresses our thanks for all you […]

A Playground for MKs

MAF kids put up with a lot of travel and transition! These kids spend countless hours in cramped airplanes, crowded terminals, and tight car seats as they travel to and from their countries to the States and MAF headquarters.

They need a place to stretch their legs!

MAF recently installed a playground at headquarters to give our […]