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Mark and Kelly HewesMark and Kelly Hewes are Field Resource Coordinators with Mission Aviation Fellowship. They're traveling to MAF's programs in Ecuador, Africa, Indonesia, and Haiti to gather stories and share how Christ's love is changing lives around the world. Learn more about the Hewes at

100 MAF Flights

As roving photographers and videographers for MAF, my husband and I have had the chance to ride along on many MAF flights to document the work of the ministry. Emergency flights to transport patients, planes full of building materials, motorcycles, and even live pigs, and plenty of “regular” flights to take people from point A […]

Out of the Comfort Zone

A couple weeks ago, I did something I’ve been avoiding for the past two years we’ve been on the road.

No, it wasn’t giving in and finally eating a plate full of caterpillars (though I did do that, and they weren’t bad). This was something that should have been easier to swallow. Getting a haircut by a […]

Beautiful Mistakes

As roaming photographers and videographers for MAF, my husband and I have taken A LOT of photos in the nearly two years we’ve been on the road. 41,596 photos to be exact! Photos of planes, giggling kiddos at remote airstrips, pilots and passengers, and waaaaay too many pictures looking out of airplane windows at jungles […]

Seeing Through Fresh Eyes

Field Resource Coordinator Kelly does research on a crazy-looking grasshopper in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Story photos by Mark and Kelly Hewes.

The first few days after arriving in a new place are always the most magical. In the far-flung places where MAF serves, surprising smells and exotic sights are around every […]

Five Days in Twelve Minutes

As I gripped the sides of the skinny dugout canoe and shut my eyes, I wondered if our jungle adventure was going to come to an end in the swirling brown river.

A lot of times when Kelly and I are explaining what MAF does, we’ll say something like, “In some of the most remote areas […]