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A Riveting Good Time!

One volunteer vs. thousands of rivets


JB Bermudez-Koch holds one of the drawers that house the rivets he rescued. Thank you, JB! Photo by Paul O’Brien.


Back in 2006, when he was 12 years old, JB Bermudez-Koch and his mother, Genevieve Kelly, paid a visit to Mission Aviation Fellowship’s (MAF) headquarters in Nampa, Idaho. JB’s family […]

What is a “People Group”?

Women and children in church at Loglogo in northern Kenya. Photo by Mark and Kelly Hewes.

Before ascending into heaven, Jesus gave His followers one last command—we know it as the Great Commission—and as a missionary organization, it is MAF’s guiding verse. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations …”

But what does “all nations” […]

Ministry Spotlight—Daniel and Becky Perez

The Perez family at an interior village in Papua, Indonesia.

Since they joined MAF in 2009, change has been a constant companion for Daniel and Becky Perez, a pilot/mechanic family at the Wamena base in Papua, Indonesia.

Three weeks after arriving to language school, in Java, they discovered they were pregnant—with twins!

“Our ministry looked different than […]

The Secret Was MAF

How God used one faithful family to bring thousands to Christ

Touching down in Ethiopia this past February, three generations of one family disembarked a Cessna Caravan and were greeted by several thousand people. Tears of joy flowed as old friends reconnected and memories were shared.

A banner greets Harvey and Lavina Hoekstra on their return […]