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Every Part Matters

A maintenance specialist’s race against time shows the key part each of us plays.

Mike and Angie Johnson had just returned to the Tarakan base in Kalimantan, Indonesia, after a family conference with other MAF staff in the area. Mike, a maintenance specialist, had a full day ahead of him—working on all three of the program’s […]

Reaching the Tribe Next Door

Your support helps Congolese Christians cross impossible distances to answer God’s call


“We are missionaries!” replied the three passengers in response to MAF pilot Jon Cadd’s inquiry as to whether they were pastors.

Their declaration reflects a new mindset in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In the past, if you’d asked someone here who the […]

Properly Packing a Propeller 

We’ve all been there. Traveling to a new city or country, you find the perfect souvenir to commemorate the trip—a big figurine, a large piece of art, or an ornamental rug. Disappointment sets in the night before your flight home upon discovering that your new treasure won’t quite fit in your luggage.

Baggage size isn’t just […]

We’re Gonna Let it Shine

How you are bringing light to Papua through MAF and our partners

Lights glimmered across the village of Mamit—cutting tiny holes in the darkness blanketing the lush landscape.

This scene would not be noteworthy in most of the world, where city lights often shine so brightly they blot out the stars. But in Mamit, tucked away in […]