A Sweet Fragrance of Investment

Rich Dividends


Tšepo’s pace slowed as he made his way down the street toward the two-room house where he lived with his mom and younger siblings. To his right, a tiny bar teemed with men who had been drinking all day. A few of his peers loitered outside the bar, their stances listless, their eyes dull.

He […]

July 8 – July 14, 2019

“Be still, and know that I am God.”
-Psalm 46:10a (ESV)

Monday, July 8
In the hurry of our lives, help us, dear Heavenly Father, to slow down and enjoy You. We ponder Your majesty and awesomeness. Thank You for feeding our inner lives with refreshment.

Tuesday, July 9
Pray for continuous wisdom and discernment for Souleymane Kouyate in his […]

Making Disciples

What does it mean to “make disciples”?


The first time disciples of Jesus were called “Christians” was in the city of Antioch. Antioch was a cosmopolitan city with many different ethnicities living within its walls. Amid this diversity, a group of people stood out—those who followed an obscure, recently crucified Jewish rabbi from Nazareth. It would […]

Staying Power

A strong calling and a fulfilling ministry, plus the support of the MAF Family, helped this single missionary stick it out for the long haul.


A small MAF Cessna airplane touched down in a remote village in the highlands of Papua (then Irian Jaya), Indonesia. Lois Belsey, a 26-year-old Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) missionary from […]

July 1 – July 7, 2019

For the grace of God has been revealed,
bringing salvation to all people.
-Titus 2:11 (NLT)

Monday, July 1
We are so grateful, Lord God, for revealing Yourself to us in the Bible and for Your salvation through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. We are exceedingly glad that this grace is available to every single person.

Tuesday, July 2
Pray for continued […]