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On the Other Side of a Medevac Flight

Serving in Haiti, my husband and the other MAF pilots are often called on to do medevac (medical evacuation) flights. Complications during childbirth, accidents, and disease are usually the cause. But recently we found our own son in need of evacuation. A simple cold had quickly turned into a complicated case of necrotizing pneumonia. His pediatrician […]

The Year(s) of Hope

As our year petered to a close, almost everyone in my family had colds and we all kept fighting over the single box of Kleenexes.

“So…I was wondering…” Brad said. “Why do you buy only one box of Kleenex for our house?”

Because that’s what I do when I’ve spent several months in a zillion different unplanned […]

Christmas Quiet

Do you hear what I hear? Unless you’ve got dub-step “Jingle Bells” coming at you from one side, and “We Wish You a Reggae Christmas” from the other, then probably not.

It’s Christmas season in Papua, which means Peak Noise, particularly in the form of Pondok Natal, or Christmas booths, which blast almost nonstop Christmas music […]