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Ministry Spotlight: Cory and Annaleis Woodsum

Cory and Annaleis Woodsum love adventure—their relationship began at a rock climbing ministry at Joshua Tree National Park where they were both instructors. Now, as MAF prefielders, the couple faces another challenge: moving to another country and embracing a new culture.

This adventure began in 1996, when Cory toured the MAF headquarters. He was just learning […]

MAF Dorm Parents: An Important Link

A glimpse into an often overlooked but critical role in missionary care, and one couple who jumped in without looking back

It’s a school day and Kevin and Kim Mills’ alarm clock goes off at 5:45 a.m. They roll out of bed and start getting breakfast ready for 17 people. Around the dining table 45 minutes […]

Ministry Spotlight: the de Jongh Family

When he was a young boy growing up in Belgium with missionary parents, Jonathan de Jongh had plenty of chances to ride in “the big airplanes.” Every time he flew to the States, he loved visiting the cockpit, full of buttons and levers.

“My mind was made up,” said Jonathan. “I was going to be a […]

My Third-Culture Kid

Our oldest son Carter is a senior, and recently we were talking through an essay he had to write for a scholarship application. I suggested he write about some of the challenges of overseas living.

“Like what?”

I thought for a moment. “Oh, you know, like the electricity. How it’s always going off.”

He shrugged. “Then it comes […]

How to Get Coffee in the Mountains of Lesotho

MAF pilots take a treacherous trek to provide a missionary with a much-needed vehicle

“The lore with MAF pilots was, you got a cup of coffee with Merrill if you came to the airstrip,” said MAF mechanic Roger Clark.

And it was true. MAF pilots always looked forward to visiting with Merrill, a missionary with Africa Inland […]

Celebrating a Life of Service

This story comes to us from MAF missionaries Mike and Christy Brown who serve as a pilot-mechanic family in Papua, Indonesia.

Our family had the privilege of spending a long weekend in the “Bird’s Head” area of Papua. We arrived at the Anggi airstrip on Saturday afternoon. Dan Lunow, long-time missionary, was visiting there for the […]