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Ministry Spotlight: Matt and Beth Wisch

Thriving in careers they enjoyed, Matt and Beth Wisch thought they would always be senders, supporting their church and missions. They never imagined working for a mission organization, let alone an aviation one. But now they are preparing to do just that.

Matt will lead MAF’s IT efforts in Africa, overseeing IT infrastructure, VSAT terminals, servers, […]


How one MAF pilot’s first solo flight in the DRC could change the lives of a remote tribe forever

Story by Dominic Villeneuve, an MAF pilot serving in Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)


A pilot’s first solo flight is always an exciting and memorable event (mine was on March 14, 2014). The same applies […]


God orchestrates life-saving flights through MAF and its partners

MAF Haiti usually doesn’t fly on Sunday unless it’s a life-threatening situation. This time, two lives hung in the balance: a woman in critical condition following a stroke, and a young boy with a high fever and shakes. HERO, a medical organization, called MAF’s after-hours phone number […]

Hope through Health Care and Evangelism

Story by Chad Dimon, an MAF pilot/mechanic who served with his family in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Last June, Chad transported a group of CECA-20 Church (Evangelical Community in Central Africa) pastors and Samaritan’s Purse leaders to the northern tip of the DRC, near the Sudanese border. He was able to […]