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John BoydWelcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. If you want to know what might be swirling around in my head with regards to missions, aviation and the role MAF is playing in all of it, this is the place to visit. I hope to shed some light on the opportunities MAF has to serve God and the amazing things He is doing around the world.I have served as the president of MAF since 2007 and have worked with this wonderful organization in some capacity since 1991. I’ll try to provide context for what MAF is doing through its strategic initiatives and share interesting pieces of information regarding where the organization is headed. That is what I hope to accomplish through this blog. I invite you visit regularly.

From the President’s Desk … Christmas Musings

What makes Christmas … well, Christmas? Is it the wonderful music, the gifts, the food, the lights, or the cold nip in the air?

What if all of those were taken away?

Even before I became a Christian, Christmas was a special time for me. I remember the yuletides in my childhood home in Scotland and Rhodesia. […]

President’s Blog: Finishing the Task

I recently had the privilege of attending the Issachar Initiative FTT (Finishing The Task) Conference at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church in California. The Issachar Initiative is a group of mission organizations who—like Mission Aviation Fellowship—are committed to “finishing the task” of reaching all people groups with the message of the Gospel.  It was wonderful getting […]

Merry Christmas and Happy Easter!

Excitement is building in the Boyd household as we prepare for Christmas. There’s been baking and candy making going on so that “snack alley,” our holiday tradition, will be well-stocked. The tree and decorations are up, and I occasionally hear whispers in other rooms as Tanya or the children make secret plans.

Yes, Christmas is a […]

Watching the Next Generation Heed the Call

I get to spend roughly ninety minutes with new MAF candidates—an hour and a half to to hear their hearts and the calling that God has put on them and their families.

I am often amazed by what I hear during that short time.

It is a habit of older generations (myself included) to bemoan […]

Caring for the Sick, As Jesus Commanded

The recent outbreak of Ebola in western Africa has brought attention to the sad state of healthcare in that part of the world. But those who spend any time in Africa are keenly aware of its inadequacies. Few hospitals and doctors … limited access to immunizations, or fear of them … illnesses caused by lack […]

Constant Change and a Constant Savior

Twenty years of constant change. That’s one way I could describe my experience with MAF.

Over the years, Tanya and I have moved many times, living in nine different countries. That’s a lot of change! But more importantly, the world and this ministry have drastically changed.

• Christianity looks different than it did just decades ago. It’s […]