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Christmas Quiet

Do you hear what I hear? Unless you’ve got dub-step “Jingle Bells” coming at you from one side, and “We Wish You a Reggae Christmas” from the other, then probably not.

It’s Christmas season in Papua, which means Peak Noise, particularly in the form of Pondok Natal, or Christmas booths, which blast almost nonstop Christmas music […]

God’s Richness in Everyday Life

“They are like a breath; their days are like a fleeting shadow.”   Psalm 144:4

I never dreamed when I married and had a family that we would be living in the middle of nowhere. You never know where obedience will take you. We live in Wamena, the largest city in the world that is […]

The Harvest is Plenty …

The Gospel still flourishes even when staff levels are low.

Furloughs and  staff departures have left the MAF program in Papua with reduced staff numbers—but the remaining MAF pilots and mechanics are still determined to meet the needs of isolated people as best they can.

“Our sister base in Timika is without any pilots at all, so […]