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We’re Gonna Let it Shine

How you are bringing light to Papua through MAF and our partners

Lights glimmered across the village of Mamit—cutting tiny holes in the darkness blanketing the lush landscape.

This scene would not be noteworthy in most of the world, where city lights often shine so brightly they blot out the stars. But in Mamit, tucked away in […]

Changed by Grace

The unique role that you’ve played, through MAF, in the lives of the Moi people of Papua, Indonesia

News spread quickly through the village and reached the missionaries living with the Moi tribe. A newborn baby girl had been tied up in vines, placed in a net bag hanging from a tree, and left to die.

The […]

Christmas Quiet

Do you hear what I hear? Unless you’ve got dub-step “Jingle Bells” coming at you from one side, and “We Wish You a Reggae Christmas” from the other, then probably not.

It’s Christmas season in Papua, which means Peak Noise, particularly in the form of Pondok Natal, or Christmas booths, which blast almost nonstop Christmas music […]