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Fighting for the Forgotten Pygmies

With MAF’s help, an American fighter works to free an enslaved people

After carrying a 120-pound bag of charcoal attached to a strap wrapped around her forehead through the jungle for three miles, the woman held out her hand to receive her wages, her food for the day—a small square of goat fur. One man worked […]

Letter to My Future Self

The jet-lagged Holsten family at the start of their furlough.

We’ve been on furlough in the U.S. for a few weeks. It’s been great, but already I find myself needing to reassure my future self.

Dear Natalie of mid-August,

By now, you have enjoyed a few months of all the wondrous things that the Land of […]

The Pull of the Grandchildren

Natalie’s parents enjoying their grandchildren in Papua.

Sometimes people tell me they couldn’t do what we do, that it must take a special kind of bravery to face the myriad challenges of life overseas.

But I think my parents have the harder job, and a kind of courage all their own. My husband and I […]

The Forgotten Tribe

MAF partners with missionaries to reach a small tribe that has been overlooked

Missionary Andrew Claussen lay on the floor of a village hut for the third day in a row, hallucinating. The buzz of his table saw had stopped, and his family’s unfinished house frame was left unattended—all work now at a standstill.

Bamboo […]

On the Tracks of Joy and Suffering

This week marks one year that our family has lived in Papua, serving at the MAF base in Sentani … 365 days, every single one of them spent in this far-flung province of Indonesia.

I look back on the year, and it’s easy to focus on the struggles. The bout of malaria, the terrifying flash flood […]

Top 10 ‘Fave’ Photos from 2012

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