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Sowing in Tears

This verse is underlined in my Bible with a word scribbled next to it: Hannah. God showed me this verse sometime after our five-year-old daughter Hannah died of a brain tumor. Because it mentions tears, this verse has always had a tender meaning to me. For any grieving heart, it’s comforting to know that […]

Getting Out Of The Rut

It’s so easy to get stuck, isn’t it? I was driving my motorbike up a steep dirt hill a little too slowly when my tires slid sideways into a rut and started spinning. I twisted the accelerator as hard as I could but it didn’t help—my bike was stuck. Did I mention that I was […]

Shelter in Place

We, along with the rest of America, were saddened by the news of the Boston marathon bombings and followed the news coverage closely. As we watched the aftermath and the search for the suspects unfold, one phrase that the police spokesman used stuck out to me. He urged people in the Boston area to “shelter […]

Half Full or Half Empty?

Sometimes the Holy Spirit makes me painfully aware that I am sporting a bad attitude. That was the case one day when I realized I was discontent. I caught myself thinking I would be happier if only I had “this or that” or if only I didn’t have so much to do or if only […]

Week 3: Walking in the Light

Read: Psalm 139

Have you ever tried to give yourself a massage? If you haven’t, try it sometime. It will likely be the most frustrating and unsatisfying massage you’ve ever had in your life – if you can even call it that. No matter how much you want to rub away those tense pressure points built […]

Swallowing The Truth

Scott Davis is a Christian comedian and author of the new book, “If My Body Is a Temple, Then I Was a Megachurch: My journey of losing 132 pounds with no exercise” (Ampelon, 2011). He shared some thoughts from his book on what it means to trust God to help us make the necessary changes […]