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Blessings or Garbage?

A friend/mentor of mine picks a verse each year to be the “theme verse” for that year.  After hearing a sermon last Sunday on Philippians chapter 3, I decided my theme verses for 2015 would be Philippians 3:7-8:

In one version I read, the word “gains” was translated “assets” and the word “loss” was translated “liabilities.” […]

Seeing God in the Chaos

Haiti is one of the most difficult assignments for our MAF missionaries. The lifestyle in Port-au-Prince is challenging. It’s a large metropolitan area with constant traffic, poor infrastructure, and a lack of standard amenities—pot holes that could swallow up small children, intermittent electricity, and congested traffic that makes Los Angeles roads seem like wide open […]

Half Full or Half Empty?

Sometimes the Holy Spirit makes me painfully aware that I am sporting a bad attitude. That was the case one day when I realized I was discontent. I caught myself thinking I would be happier if only I had “this or that” or if only I didn’t have so much to do or if only […]