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Jason ChatrawAlong with writing for MAF, Jason Chatraw has written and co-authored more than a dozen books and regularly contributes to newspapers and magazines across the U.S. Jason blogs regularly at

How To Make A Kubota (Ready To) Sail

Kubota tractors are the little engines that can––and ones that MAF utilizes at its airstrips around the world.

Recently, one of the MAF programs located in Chad requested a Kubota to help tow their planes. Raising the money to purchase one is the easy part. Getting it prepped to ship? That’s why MAF needs people like […]

Jungle Trek

Two MAF pilots on a jungle adventure gain a greater compassion for those they serve

It’s one thing to tell people that airplanes save missionaries days of travel; it’s another to discover it firsthand. Over the past several years, MAF pilots Dave Forney and Paul College have committed to experiencing the jungles of Borneo in Indonesia. […]

Reaching Their Own

How MAF is helping one Congolese church leader spread the Gospel

After landing deep in an isolated area of the Bas-Congo region in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Salazaku Milukiele exits an MAF airplane and transitions to another mode of transportation: a motorcycle. The vehicle is only temporary though, as it will eventually give way […]

Made by Pilots, for Pilots

When Bill McLagan started working in avionics with MAF in 1978, he put his mix of technological knowledge and pilot know-how to good use, creating a number of inventions that helped make aviation easier.

However, before the world knew what a GPS was, there was a great need for a similar device – and McLagan created […]

Not Just Another Plane Dedication

With a pilot for a father, I grew up around airplanes. However, they never really grabbed my attention. I never stared at them with much awe as they rose from the ground and disappeared into the deep blue sky. It was a way to get around, to move from point A to point B. I […]

Plane Maintenance Creativity Saving MAF Thousands

It’s no secret that MAF’s seasoned mechanics and volunteers are adept at creating useful items for plane maintenance on the field. But for a guy whose mechanical prowess doesn’t go much further than the twist of a screwdriver, I find myself fascinated at the creativity brimming out of the MAF machine shop.

On my latest trip […]