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Partners in Ministry

Burton Family Christmas Photo

When we lived stateside, we visited family at Christmas, shopped for gifts til we dropped, and baked more than any family could eat. We also tried our best to make sure our kids understood that while those things were fun additions to our holiday, Christmas is really about the gift […]

Beautiful Potential

A green bud emerges.

Walking through my yard recently, I was surprised to see what looked like a flower bud shooting up from my aloe vera plant. I had grown aloe indoors and out many times and had never seen one produce a flower.

I did a little research and learned that aloe does indeed […]

Just A Little Poo

I recently came across this Lingala proverb: “Linga nsoso, linga nyei na ye.” The translation means “Love the chicken, love its poo.” We had a chicken for a while, and my grandmother had chickens, so when I heard this proverb I chuckled because I know that chickens make a lot of poo and they aren’t […]

A Sweet Aroma

My owl “candle” with a tea light in the bottom and scented wax cubes above.

In the mornings, before the bustle begins, I like to light a candle and pour myself a cup of coffee, creating a welcoming and intimate atmosphere for my quiet time with Jesus. Often as I walk through the house […]

First Term Reflections

As I write this, we are just four weeks from departing on our first furlough. It is impossible to condense everything that has happened to us, and within us, into one small article. Here are a few things that stand out to me right now.

Three Things I Have Learned About the Congo:

There will always be […]