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Speaking of Water

Rushing, tumbling, gushing water! There’s nothing quite like the cacophony of a big waterfall, ocean waves after a storm, or a gigantic mountain stream roaring over boulders.

A waterfall in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo by Dave Forney.

In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself standing near a majestic water scene. What does it sound like? […]

Continuing the Story

We thought you’d enjoy this devotion, written by Tom Howard just before striking out on a “new beginning.”  


Last week seven new MAF-US missionary families were appointed. That’s always exciting, but somehow more so for me this time. You see, Friday is the last day my wife Valli and I will be MAF career staff. We […]

Our Lives, His Gardens

Are you growing a vegetable garden right now, or maybe a flower garden? Me too! I find gardening so satisfying. There’s something wonderful about digging in the dirt, watching plants grow, trimming them into pleasing shapes, cleaning out the weeds, and seeing the good results of a fertilized and well-watered garden. I love studying what […]