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A Light in the Dark

It’s “mati lampu” again—which means the power is out … again. (Can you hear the collective sigh from every home in our neighborhood?) We’ve been having regular power outages every night this week that last for several hours. It interrupts dinner, showers, and bedtimes, because not only do the lights go out, but also our […]

It’s in the Bag

Every pilot carries a bag. Some big, stuffed. Others small, concise. As an instructor, I carried headset, ear plugs, sun glasses, local chart, lesson plan, small paper tablet, and pen. As an air taxi pilot, I ditched the lesson plan, but added more charts, a flashlight, flight calculator, Bible, and lunch. For the Forest Service, […]

Hanging By A Thread

I hung over the Amazon jungle intent on finding my destination, worried about a weather change, calculating fuel left in the tanks, and wondering if my passengers there would be ready. Hung? As in suspended? How many hours had I flown that way without ever considering just what, exactly, held me up? To what did […]

Missionary Badge of Honor

I wear a special badge most days – it’s the Missionary Badge of Honor.  I like my life as a missionary in Southeast Asia.  I relish in the fact that I live in such a crazy and foreign place that looks like something out of National Geographic. I think it’s pretty miraculous that I can […]