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Treasure in the Tropics

The palm tree bathing in the hot tropical sun. The mango tree decorated full with its own delicious ornaments. The desire for an ice-cold Coke to cool oneself off from the blazing heat.

Yep, it’s Christmastime in the tropics!

The first Christmas that my family spent over here was a bit rough. A bit sad. My mind […]

Confessions from Underground

As the last person arrives, the turn of the key locks the gate. The curtains are drawn. We’re all here. All 15 of us. We’re gathered together to worship Jesus as a group … in secret.
This is how our church service begins each week.

We live where freedom of worship is illegal. Where underground churches […]

Top 3 Things to Remember About Missionaries Coming Home

I am often asked about by very well-intentioned people how they can help MAF missionaries who are returning from the field. Coming home is one of the hardest things a missionary faces. Yet this may be the single most misunderstood stage in a missionary’s journey.

People typically think the initial departure—leaving friends, family, and all […]

Shelter in Place

We, along with the rest of America, were saddened by the news of the Boston marathon bombings and followed the news coverage closely. As we watched the aftermath and the search for the suspects unfold, one phrase that the police spokesman used stuck out to me. He urged people in the Boston area to “shelter […]

Discovering True Compassion on MLK Day

As we take a moment today to pause and remember the life of American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., we must not forget what it was that drove him to do what he did: true compassion.

For all the attention he received, King struggled under the weight of constant death threats toward him and […]