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Future Pilots?

A couple of potential future pilots visited our hanger this week. They were eager to learn about airplanes and pilots. The students were from an international school called TASOK (The American School of Kinshasa), located here in DR Congo. MAF was happy to host the group, and I had the privilege of guiding them through […]

Choices and Callings

As an MK or missionary, you receive a wide range of questions from “Where are you from?” to “Why don’t you work in your passport country?” For MKs with crazy, yet beautiful, lives, this first question can be hard. What is home when your heart is in so many places?

Sarah’s Dad, John (2007)

As […]

A More Excellent Way

Dan and Sylvia Rogers are finishing up a two-month assignment with the MAF affiliate in Suriname, where they served in years past. Dan is completing a 1,000-hr. inspection and installation of a new engine for NAV (November Alpha Victor). The Rogers submitted this story, as told to them by MAF Suriname staff.

MAF-Suriname generally offers flight […]

A Welcome Sight

Recently at the MAF Sentani base in Papua, Indonesia, there were big grins all around as two new Quest KODIAK planes arrived for service. Everyone gathered in the hangar to watch the planes as they taxied in, and to get a closer look at the enhancements––especially the ones that were gracing the bellies of each […]

Healthy Community

We all stand in front of the hangar, eyes scanning the horizon, the familiar drone of the Cessna engine signaling that he will land very soon. The sense of anticipation is palpable. I leave my desk and others on the team lay down their tools to witness the landing. We don’t do this because we’re nervous […]

When Your Engine Comes Apart …

Editor’s Note: John Miller served as an MAF pilot in Indonesia during the 1980s and 1990s. The following is an excerpt from one of his support letters detailing some engine trouble he once had in mid-flight.

Airplane being pushed up the airstrip.

Dea Godschalk inspecting plane

Fixing the plane

Three airplanes