Choices and Callings

As an MK or missionary, you receive a wide range of questions from “Where are you from?” to “Why don’t you work in your passport country?” For MKs with crazy, yet beautiful, lives, this first question can be hard. What is home when your heart is in so many places?

Sarah’s Dad, John (2007)

Sarah’s Dad, John (2007)

As for the latter, some people even question if Africa is the West’s problem. Specifically, it isn’t. As Christians, however, it is our duty to aid others—not to earn our way into heaven, but out of our love of God. He has also blessed us with unique talents and gifts to serve others.

Sarah’s Mom, Marilyn

Sarah’s Mom, Marilyn (2007)

When I was younger, I wanted to be a “marine biologist diver.” When we went to the mission field, however, this slowly started to change. I then knew that I wanted to be a missionary even though I wasn’t sure in what capacity. Why? Because of my life experience as an MK. I knew I wanted to serve God, and I couldn’t imagine not doing it overseas. I wanted to do what my parents did, but in my own way, not as a teacher or a pilot. This is one of the many things the MK life has given me. Recently, as I have started to see more of what God has given me in the form of talents and gifts, I recognize my passion for Africa and specifically my “home,” the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Sarah (early 2000)

Sarah (2006)

Of course, not all MKs are affected this way and most missionaries are not MKs grown up. Even though my two sisters grew up overseas, too, only one is passionate to return. That’s fine; mission work inspires all people differently. God gives people different gifts and experiences for a reason. My parents joined MAF and went to Africa because my dad had been given a passion to fly, my mom for teaching and missions, and both understood that the Congo was where God was calling them. Working overseas as a missionary is not only a choice, but a calling. By assessing the talents and interests God has given me, I have a clearer picture of what I want to do when I grow up, and hopefully what He wants me to do.

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