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Nick FreyNick Frey is an MAF-Canada pilot on loan to our West DRC program in Kinshasa, where he serves as Program Manager. He and his wife, Jocelyn, joined the WDRC team in 2011. You can follow their adventures (and see Jocelyn’s beautiful photos) at their blog

Mining for Mines

Landmines are usually something one would try to avoid. But recently I met people who look for them on purpose! They are often on their hands and knees with small shovels and wearing protective plating and helmets. These are the brave and courageous staff of the demining organization, HALO.

I had the opportunity to spend a […]

Rest / Unrest

The security situation where we live degraded last week, here in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s all “part of doing business” for overseas missionaries, but still there is something inside our human hearts which reminds us that this unrest isn’t normal. It’s also a good reaffirmation of one of the reasons why we are […]

Congo: A Whole New World

It took me almost four hours flying over 300 mph just to get across one corner of the country—Democratic Republic of Congo. Talk about vast!

The long flight from Kinshasa to Lubumbashi was possible at this speed thanks to MAF’s Pilatus PC12. Normally it would take all day to make the journey in a Cessna airplane, let […]

Break a Leg to Share the Gospel

Mark Spann (left) hands out Bibles to airport control tower staff. Story photos by Kevin Spann.

When MAF pilot/mechanic Kevin Spann’s parents visited Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, they had a special mission: to deliver Bibles to all the staff at the airport control tower at Kinshasa’s Ndjili Airport. A fundraiser at their local church, […]

Crisis Averted

The phones started ringing earlier than usual one morning as we were commuting to the office in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). “We have 50 people we need to get out,” said a humanitarian aid worker. “We’re looking at approximately 110 people that may need to be evacuated,” said another caller, an embassy […]

So many people, so little impact?

Never have I seen so many people at one place in my life, I thought, as I set the plane down and came to a stop on the dirt airstrip. Literally thousands of people encircled the runway and airplane, all trying to get a glimpse of what and who was arriving and departing. This was […]