A More Excellent Way

Dan and Sylvia Rogers are finishing up a two-month assignment with the MAF affiliate in Suriname, where they served in years past. Dan is completing a 1,000-hr. inspection and installation of a new engine for NAV (November Alpha Victor). The Rogers submitted this story, as told to them by MAF Suriname staff.

MAF-Suriname generally offers flight service to mission or medical organizations working in the country of Suriname. From time to time they are presented with an opportunity to help in a different way. This time it was to serve another flight operator.

Dan Rogers (left) with Andy Bejkirk, program manager of MAF-Suriname.

Dan Rogers (left) with Andy Bijkerk, program manager of MAF-Suriname.

A locally owned flight service, previously operating on the north coast of South America, recently began to provide service to the interior of Suriname. A few weeks ago, one of the pilots of this air service, while landing a C206 on a wet, slippery grass strip, ground-looped the plane but slid off the end of the runway, hitting bushes and damaging the landing gear and elevator.

In the days after the incident the owner requested help for replacement parts from neighboring flight operators, so that they could fix the plane and fly it back to Paramaribo. After getting refusals from the operators, the owner came to MAF-Suriname for help. Program Manager Andy Bijkerk invited her into his office and heard the request for help. He said MAF-Suriname would be glad to help. “We have a landing gear we are not using, as well as other parts in stock that you need, so we can help you immediately.”

The owner responded with surprise. With tears in her eyes she asked, “Why are you so willing to help when other operators are so unwilling to do so?” Andy then responded with MAF’s purpose statement and why we do what we do. He also spoke to her about Jesus Christ.

As Andy told the MAF staff the story, he said, “I pray that the witness I gave will bless these non-Christian business people. We are not better than our neighbors and fellow operators but Jesus Christ has shown us a more excellent way. We will follow Him in His footsteps!”

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