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Move Again Friend (and an Angel at the Crossroads)

Flight Follow | Season 1: Episode 2


Over the course of their years on the field with MAF, the Westom family had to move numerous times due to the instability of the country they were serving in. These evacuations made for trying times, and leaning on the Lord for safety and peace—and patience—was essential for their […]

Father-Son Day


“Daddy, tomorrow I’m going to the hangar with you. We are going to go fly your airplane, eat our lunch in the mountains, and then fly home,” my four-year-old son Josiah declares with an air of confidence that’s immediately got me on my heels.

“Well, uhh, hmm, yeah, right—about that…” I stammer, in hopes something intelligent […]

Gospel Opportunities

MAF pilot Matt Monson in Lesotho shares this story about an opportunity to tell others about Christ. 

Airstrip workers at Semenanyane. Photo by Justin Honaker.

With some of our pilots out on furlough lately, the busy workload here can seem like crashing waves. Discouragement can set in if I focus on the waves that are […]