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Reaching and Teaching Overseas

I have served as a teacher in public education for a number of years and have developed a certain perspective for what student excellence looks like. This year I am teaching middle school math at an international K-12 school providing a Christian education in Central Asia. My students embody a different level of excellence, as […]

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Liz’s son, Benjamin, enjoying a playground this past summer.

As our furlough in the United States nears an end, I marvel at how rich a time these past months have been. When we arrived back on home soil in July, we were tired and soul-weary. We had completed three years abroad, spent time learning […]

The Gift of Facebook Overseas

I’m going to tell you the least cool thing about me: I love Facebook, and I have very few thoughtful qualms about technology. Both have enhanced my life overseas so much, it’s hard for me to be anything but positive. Here’s the short list of reasons why I think of Facebook as a gift.

My friends […]

Who’s In Control?

Lately I feel like God’s gentle hand has highlighted an area of my life where He wants me to go deeper— daily obedience. Recently He has been presenting me with this question: “Who is in control of your life right now?” And I had to answer “me.”

When it comes to the BIG decisions […]

My New Skill Set

Natalie with two of her kids at the start of a long church service. “Long church service? Bring it, we’re ready!”

Sometimes I imagine a future job interview in the U.S.  The interviewer scans my resume, frowning slightly and tapping a pen on the table.

“Well, Mrs. Holsten,” he says.

“Yes?” I lean forward hopefully.

“I see […]

Between Two Worlds, Part 1

We caught up with one of our Moms on a Mission recently to find out what it’s like as an MAF pre-fielder preparing to move and serve overseas. This is the first part of two posts. Q: Can you describe what your days are like as you get ready to leave? Juggling kids, packing, selecting [...]