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Top 10 ‘Fave’ Photos from 2012

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A New Brother in Haiti

“You’ll be staying with JeanJean and Kristie Mompremier…” we were told when our family first arrived in Haiti in 2006. We were sent to Pignon in the Central Plateau for six weeks of language study. It was an amazing experience, an awesome introduction to ministering in a country engaged in deep spiritual warfare. MAF has […]

I bought a ticket for Haiti the day before the earthquake

When David and Christine Harms were assigned to serve in Haiti with MAF, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Always challenging, Haiti can test the resolve of most missionaries, even on her best days. Then the earthquake happened.

“We bought our airline tickets the day before the earthquake,” David said. “It really […]

Overwhelmed and Optimistic

MAF President and CEO, John Boyd, and Barb Bowman go over last-minute details of today's 25-year celebration of MAF in Haiti.

Returning to Haiti for the first time since the earthquake two years ago, it was like deja vu. In Port-au-Prince, so many physical structures look the same as when I was here last, […]