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Stopping at Nothing

You are helping MAF support years-long Bible translation efforts in the Congo

The Logo-language New Testament. Photo by Ashley Petersen.


In March of this year, MAF airplanes landed at the Todro airstrip, bringing translators, church leaders, and other special guests to join a crowd of over 3,000 people. They waited in breathless anticipation as dancers and […]

Rest / Unrest

The security situation where we live degraded last week, here in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. It’s all “part of doing business” for overseas missionaries, but still there is something inside our human hearts which reminds us that this unrest isn’t normal. It’s also a good reaffirmation of one of the reasons why we are […]

A “Normal” Work Day

An MAF Pilot Recounts God’s Providence

When asked about a medical evacuation flight he conducted several years ago for a young girl named Dorcas, MAF pilot Rod Hochstetler reflected on the events of that day—and God’s intervention. This is a follow-up to a May FlightWatch story, which you can read here. 

“I actually remember quite a […]

Ministry Spotlight: the de Jongh Family

When he was a young boy growing up in Belgium with missionary parents, Jonathan de Jongh had plenty of chances to ride in “the big airplanes.” Every time he flew to the States, he loved visiting the cockpit, full of buttons and levers.

“My mind was made up,” said Jonathan. “I was going to be a […]