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Messy Rooms: Struggling with Transition

It was time for my family to leave language school in Salatiga, Central Java, and relocate to the MAF base in Sentani, Papua, on a completely different island of Indonesia. Our lives were packed up again; moving, again. Friends came to say good-bye, and we smiled for the pictures while our hearts were breaking. […]

Grade One Prayers

Ryan (3rd from left) and his classmates holding their copies of the newly translated books. In the back row, Gwen is on the left and Lenice is on the right; a national translator who works with them is in the middle.

Because we just moved to Sentani in January from another base in Papua, […]

Flying in the Light

Welcome our newest pilot-blogger Daniel Geaslen as he writes about an “interesting” day to fly.

On the way home from Nabire to Sentani we faced a huge line of active storms. Usually we can fly around isolated storms without much difficulty. This line was not so accommodating. The line of storms ran almost unbroken for nearly […]

On the Tracks of Joy and Suffering

This week marks one year that our family has lived in Papua, serving at the MAF base in Sentani … 365 days, every single one of them spent in this far-flung province of Indonesia.

I look back on the year, and it’s easy to focus on the struggles. The bout of malaria, the terrifying flash flood […]

It’s in the Mail!

Editor’s Note: The following was taken from a prayer letter from MAF’s John Miller when he and his family were serving in Indonesia. They had just returned to the field after being on furlough when this interesting event unfolded.

6:13 a.m.: After a 45-minute, predawn, preflight inspection, then loading, weather briefing and paperwork, we’re off from […]