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Unearthing an Enduring Legacy

Nearly 60 years ago, MAF pilot Nate Saint and four other missionaries landed at “Palm Beach” on the Curaray River in Ecuador. Setting foot on the river beach was the next logical step in what the men called “Operation Auca,” after initial attempts from the air to contact the hostile Waorani tribe were deemed positive. […]

70 Years: Changeable but Immutable

Piper AE-1 somewhere in Mexico. Photo credit: Jim Lomheim

Aviation ranks as one of the most conservative activities on the planet. In the beginning, all flights were experiments. Enough succeeded to encourage more tries, but crashing got old. Surviving aviators developed a fondness for doing what they knew would work over what they thought […]

100 Years after the Gospel’s Arrival

Missionaries return to a Congolese village to build on the legacy of their grandparents—and share the love of Christ.

The greeting at Ipope, western DR Congo.

The singing began even before our Cessna Caravan shut down. A few hundred people had gathered in the middle of nowhere on a small dirt and grass strip to […]

On-The-Job Blessings

I think everyone would agree that certain sacrifices come with being a missionary. The salary isn’t great, friends and family are often thousands of miles away, and the nearest Starbucks requires at least two flights and several hundred dollars to reach. Ask any missionary and we could go on for hours about how hard our […]

MAF to Purchase Two KODIAKS for Ministry Work in Indonesia

NAMPA, Idaho — Some four years after MAF’s first KODIAK airplane landed in Indonesia, the ministry is moving forward in faith to purchase two additional KODIAKS—one for service in Papua, Indonesia, and one, a floatplane, to be based at Palangkaraya, in Kalimantan.

“The Lord has provided MAF with an exciting chance to purchase two KODIAKs at […]

Bunia Reports Things Relatively “Normal”

Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo—MAF pilots in Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, report that things feel relatively “normal” in this eastern DRC town, despite insecurity in other parts of the region.

Bunia is located some 325 miles north of Goma, the city of one million inhabitants that was taken over by the M23 rebel […]