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Daniel PerezDaniel and Becky Perez are native Texans serving with their four children as a pilot/mechanic family in Papua, Indonesia. Daniel enjoys his role in building God’s Kingdom as he maintains aircraft and provides valuable flight services to missionaries, national pastors, medical personnel and local communities in one of the most remote places on earth. To learn more about the Perez family visit:

A Flight to Remember

Every once in a while I have a flight that I know will be forever etched in my memory. It could be because it’s traumatic, as is often the case with a medical evacuation. Or it can be a happy occasion, such as the one I experienced recently.

This story really begins decades before I was […]

On-The-Job Blessings

I think everyone would agree that certain sacrifices come with being a missionary. The salary isn’t great, friends and family are often thousands of miles away, and the nearest Starbucks requires at least two flights and several hundred dollars to reach. Ask any missionary and we could go on for hours about how hard our […]