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Why I Joined MAF?

Each year as potential MAF missionaries go through the candidate program, we find that the reasons they want to join MAF are as diverse as the backgrounds of the people themselves. Here are a few reasons MAF staff members gave as to why they chose to pursue missions with us:

Conrad & Heidi Hertzler (Mozambique) chose […]


With the unclear words of a two-year-old, Anna pointed to my plate and said: “That’s kah-t-ch. It’s not pah-t-ch, it’s kah-t-ch.” I looked down at my plate, trying desperately to figure out what she was saying. All I could see was some lasagna, and in English or Norwegian, nothing even remotely related to either kah-t-ch […]

Clouds In My Coffee

There are often two sides to a situation. A strength and a weakness. A positive and a negative. So I have found it to be with house workers.

Growing up in a household of four girls, in a time and place where servants were unheard of, as well as dishwashers and dryers, we all learned the […]