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Gerd LePoidevinGerd provides a loving home for her family and home schools her children. She assists her husband, David (an MAF pilot/mechanic) by doing flight following on the HF radio and office work. Learn more about the LePoidevin family and their life in Mozambique serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship at

Hungry for the Word

Literacy class to teach the Mwinika to read and write their own language. Photo from

In the African country of Mozambique, MAF supports a number of missionaries working on literacy and translation projects. One such couple with New Tribes Mission, Francois and Nadia Hattingh, is working among the Mwinika people. Some of the […]


With the unclear words of a two-year-old, Anna pointed to my plate and said: “That’s kah-t-ch. It’s not pah-t-ch, it’s kah-t-ch.” I looked down at my plate, trying desperately to figure out what she was saying. All I could see was some lasagna, and in English or Norwegian, nothing even remotely related to either kah-t-ch […]

Playground Parenting

While visiting our adult children in the States this summer, I took my two-year-old, Anna, to the playground for some run-around time. I found someone there I wasn’t expecting.

A young mother was already there with her two children––a girl (about 8) and a boy (about 3). For the hour we were at the playground, I […]

Clouds In My Coffee

There are often two sides to a situation. A strength and a weakness. A positive and a negative. So I have found it to be with house workers.

Growing up in a household of four girls, in a time and place where servants were unheard of, as well as dishwashers and dryers, we all learned the […]


Do you love me only when I’m obedient? Do you love me only when you are feeling well? Do you love me only when you are happy? I wondered if those were the questions running through my 2-year-old’s mind. I know I love her no matter what, but did my actions and words prove that?

I […]