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Cleared for Landing: Determining if an Airstrip is Safe

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an excerpt from a post on the blog of MAF pilot Jon Cadd, who is serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this post, he shares about MAF’s process for vetting a potential airstrip.

The airstrip was still in the process of being rebuilt by the UN and as I […]

Technical Tools To Equip Bible Translators

Sign outside the Bunia Bible translation office.

Here in Congo, linguists serving with SIL International (a field partner of Wycliffe Bible Translators) are working with local churches to promote Bible translation, literacy, Scripture use, and local language development. However, these Western missionaries aren’t the ones doing the actual translation work. Rather, they are training and facilitating […]

Move that Muscle

Before I came to Congo, I only talked about stretching in relation to our budget. Lately though, I feel a lot like the stretchy band I exercise with, like I am being pulled vigorously. Adding a new movement to an exercise routine causes discomfort at first, and my muscles protest at being used in a […]

Changing Opinions

It is incredible how moving overseas can deeply change a person. Living in an environment so different from where we’ve grown up has caused us to question why we believe what we do about many things. Why is it so important to us to choose to attend church even though it is so inconvenient here? […]

When Life Hands You Weeds, Eat Them!

We’ve enjoyed trying some of the local foods here in Congo and learning how to prepare them. One of our favorites is b’teku teku (pronounced something like beh teckoo teckoo). I first tried b’teku teku when a missionary friend prepared it for us. We liked it and asked her to teach us how to cook […]