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Leaving Home to Go Home

Departing Boise two years ago to move to Haiti.

In two days, I will leave home to go home. Confused yet? Me too.

It will be with an array of emotions that we will pile our bags and our children on a Boeing 737 and head for the skies, supposedly homebound.

We will be relieved—the plane […]

Seeing Double

You can’t be in two places at the same time… or can you?

As a single missionary one of the things I miss most in Lesotho are my single girlfriends and their fellowship. I believe every missionary needs a support team who promises to pray, encourage and hold them accountable; and I have a group that […]

Changing Opinions

It is incredible how moving overseas can deeply change a person. Living in an environment so different from where we’ve grown up has caused us to question why we believe what we do about many things. Why is it so important to us to choose to attend church even though it is so inconvenient here? […]

All That Glitters

Mustering up enough excitement to go to a local wedding mid-week after work with kids took some doing. What are my choices? Go exhausted? Uninterested? Make an appearance and get ‘er done? It shows honor to our friends. I can see it as a chore, or as an honor.

Resolved to rejoice in our friend’s brother’s […]

Praying for Rain

Natural disasters usually come on quickly—when the earthquake happened here in Haiti, there was no warning at all. When the hurricanes come, we often get at least a few hours of notice. But when a drought happens, it’s slow. Subtle. Painfully so.

Last year in Haiti, we didn’t get enough rain. There were some articles […]

Messy Lessons

Life has been a bit busy for me lately. It happens every time I am pregnant. The morning sickness, all day long. In the tropical heat. With smells of trash and my neighbor’s Asian cooking sending me to the bathroom again and again.

I spend the weeks living according to rules that kinda work. Just get […]