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Daniel GeaslenDaniel Geaslen serves with MAF in Papua, Indonesia with his wife Joy and daughter Zoe. You can read visit their MAF webpage or their blog to learn more about their ministry.

From ‘Mr. Pilot’ to ‘Friend’

MAF pilots are required to regularly inspect the airstrips where we fly to ensure that our standards for runway maintenance are kept appropriately. Last week I went to Ilu to check over the runway. It’s a nice long runway, but it’s perpendicular to the valley, which means there is a tight little turn at about […]

The Story Behind The Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s only true if you know the story behind what you are seeing. A few days ago, while flying home from Mamit, an airstrip perched on a mountainside in the heart of Papua, I saw this young man reading his Bible. It’s not an incredibly remarkable picture in […]

Flying in the Light

Welcome our newest pilot-blogger Daniel Geaslen as he writes about an “interesting” day to fly.

On the way home from Nabire to Sentani we faced a huge line of active storms. Usually we can fly around isolated storms without much difficulty. This line was not so accommodating. The line of storms ran almost unbroken for nearly […]