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A Moment of Peace

View of Port-au-Prince from the Schandorff’s balcony

Dogs howl from behind tall walls as children traipse down the street. Motorcycle taxis roar their way to the school gate, where they screech to a stop. The children call to one another as they walk, skip and run down the dirt and gravel road, and cars […]

How Voodoo Taught Me to Cherish Silence

I bolted upright in bed—my heart racing.

Eerie chanting and wailing surrounded our home. I flung off the sheets and ran to the window. A few feet away a crowd of Haitians were singing, swaying, and banging drums. I crawled back to bed, admittedly a little shaken, and stuffed ear plugs in hopes of getting […]

Living With My Questions

There were so many questions that needed answering when we first moved to Port-au-Prince. Where do we live? What do we eat? Where should my children go to school? With help from veteran missionaries, answers to the above questions came quickly.

Others took more thought: Should we employ house help, and if so, what […]

How do you know?

I have the privilege of spending much time visiting MAF’s friends and supporters, and recently the question came up, “How can I tell if a nonprofit organization is worthy of my support?”.

This is a very good question! If you are like most of us, you likely receive a lot of mail—both snail mail and email—from […]

Finding My Place

It’s been seven months since I stepped off of the old DC-3 airplane onto the hot tarmac in Port-au-Prince. In that time, I have learned how to drive around goats, pedestrians, and erratic vehicles. I can now understand French spoken with a Haitian accent and am learning how to speak Creole. My days are filled […]

Update on Celime

One story this year that generated a great deal of interest was that involving a 12-year-old Haitian boy, Dieuphete Celime.

In the fall of 2011, he suffered severe burns from a gas fire during a cooking accident but was left to let his wounds heal on their own in a poorly equipped hospital. Three months after […]