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Broken Things

Sun and blue were stealing part of the morning in an otherwise rainy streak of days. The perfect day to wear my new sunglasses, I thought, as I pulled them from the drawer.

I’d bought them during last month’s visit to the States. Purchased in a store with wide aisles and cool air; placed in a […]

Hope Deferred, Help Delivered

It was going to be a great Saturday. We were heading to the pool when my husband got the call. There was a woman interior in need of an emergency evacuation. She was having a difficult labor and both her life and the baby’s were at risk if she didn’t get to good medical care fast.

Welcome to […]

Chalk One Up To The Ants

Ants. I’ve experienced them in the hot and humid coastal areas of Indonesia, but now we’ve moved to a dryer climate at 5150 feet elevation. To my surprise, my kitchen was overrun with the little black vermin! If I so much as dropped a crumb, there they were! Usually as I adjust to […]

What’s in Your Parenting Toolbox?

As I walked him to the school bus, I gave him a little pep talk: “There’s nothing to be afraid of. Your teacher will help you. The other kids want to be your friends.” But it was of no use; as the school bus pulled up, my five-year-old son kicked and yelled and cried, writhing […]

Half Full or Half Empty?

Sometimes the Holy Spirit makes me painfully aware that I am sporting a bad attitude. That was the case one day when I realized I was discontent. I caught myself thinking I would be happier if only I had “this or that” or if only I didn’t have so much to do or if only […]

“What Is Your Ministry?”

This is a question I’m often asked by well-meaning short-term visitors. I could give the cursory answer: I’m a wife and mom, a hostess to many, financial assistant to MAF-Haiti, a graphics designer, youth leader, worship leader… the list could go on. But, I truly don’t see these as the definition of my ministry here […]