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Epic Water Surprise

There is an air of excited anticipation so tangible you can almost see it as Matt Monson, our newest pilot, taxis off the runway and into the MAF area. Our entire staff is poised to give Matt a soaking he’ll likely not forget. Matt is none the wiser. Our buckets are filled and carefully positioned […]

A Time To Wait

Have you ever read something hundreds of times and then… WHAM… a new truth leaps from the page? That happened for me the last time I read about Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, in Luke 1:5-7 (NIV). This truth jumped out at me in verse six:

Elizabeth was righteous and blameless, obedient and […]

The Fittest Team

A team from MAF Lesotho recently participated in the Lesotho Sky Corporate Challenge, a promotional event for the Lesotho Sky Foundation, which donates bikes to those in need. Sixty teams vied for the title of “Fittest Corporation in Lesotho.” Each rider was designated to ride one leg of the relay race. The same bike and […]

A Change Of Heart In Africa : Part 4 of 4


Continued from a previous post….

That same night, Emily and I went with Mr. Harrell to watch him coach some young boys in soccer—a ministry he and his wife Megan had started themselves.

Coach Rich Harrell with the team.

We watched these boys play on a dirt field, with holes and glass everywhere. And yet, […]

A Change Of Heart In Africa : Part 3 of 4

Continued from a previous post…

The next morning we went to the MAF base and talked and prayed with the staff. Afterwards, we cleaned and prepared the home of the Danforths, a family that was arriving later that week. Then it was on to the Beautiful Gate, a Christian-run orphanage for children who have lost […]

A Change Of Heart In Africa : Part 1 of 4

Ashleigh Boyd, daughter of MAF-US President John Boyd, recently took part in a ministry trip to conduct VBS for the MAF family conference in South Africa, and to visit the MAF base in Lesotho. The following blog is part one in a series detailing her experiences and all that the Lord taught her during this […]