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Blessed Unity

In my five years of serving with MAF in Lesotho, one of the things I have grown to appreciate the most is the missionary community. We are excited for each other’s breakthroughs, we mourn each other’s losses, we intercede and work together for God to be fully known and glorified here. We’re all on the […]

The Fittest Team

A team from MAF Lesotho recently participated in the Lesotho Sky Corporate Challenge, a promotional event for the Lesotho Sky Foundation, which donates bikes to those in need. Sixty teams vied for the title of “Fittest Corporation in Lesotho.” Each rider was designated to ride one leg of the relay race. The same bike and […]

Just in Time

We hadn’t flown in almost a week. The entire country of Lesotho was hit with a powerful snow storm that left most of our airstrips covered in deep snow, making landing (with wheels anyway!) impossible. Except for Manamaneng. Pamela, one of the nurses there, wanted to get out of the mountains and home to […]

God’s Perfect Timing

MAF pilot Justin Honaker retells the events of one particular afternoon and a flight where timing was everything.

2:45 p.m. I’m the only MAF pilot flying in Lesotho today, Friday, June 1. My passenger is not here yet, even though he insisted we make a special trip for him. I’m annoyed, but with the schedule otherwise […]