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I Fear Not, For He is With Me

“I’ll come with you!”  The words were out of my mouth before my brain had time to register what I was committing to. In a moment of uncharacteristic courage, I volunteered to go along with my husband on what would be my first trip interior … and I managed to pick a doozy.

The survey trip […]

Where the Wild Things Are



Editor’s Note: MAF pilot Dave Forney serves in Indonesia and takes a yearly trek through the jungle that he flies over each day. He says understanding how challenging it is to travel through the dense vegetation and dangerous wildlife habitats makes him appreciate what MAF does for isolated people that much more. A story about […]

Beauty in Isolation

Almost by default, serving at an MAF location around the world will presumably have you living in a remote place.  If the town that you live in is actually modern, chances are still very high that the destinations you will serve with the airplane still rank high as some of the earth’s most isolated places.  […]