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Brian ShepsonBrian and his wife, Connie, are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship. The Shepsons, along with their children Stephanie and Steven, spent three terms in Shell, Ecuador, as a pilot/mechanic family before returning to serve at MAF headquarters. Learn more about the Shepsons at

Surviving Rainy, Swampy Air Strips

Nobody likes to get stranded when they are traveling by plane. A cancelled flight or mechanical failure can be frustrating beyond belief, especially when we simply want to get home to a loved one. When you are a missionary pilot flying in the jungle, those frustrations still exist.

I once went to pick up a missionary […]

Flying in Ecuador: A Fishy Tale

When you fly into remote villages in the jungles of Ecuador, you get all kinds of requests to transport unique objects. So I didn’t think much of the request of two local fishermen to transport a fish they had caught in the massive Pastaza River.

After asking me if I could wait while they fetched the […]