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First Term Reflections

As I write this, we are just four weeks from departing on our first furlough. It is impossible to condense everything that has happened to us, and within us, into one small article. Here are a few things that stand out to me right now.

Three Things I Have Learned About the Congo:

There will always be […]

The Art of Balance

“I’m so busy…” has become the catchphrase of our hectic times. We want to live our lives in a way that honors God, yet it’s so easy to get trapped in a place where we coexist with the tyranny of the urgent. Instead of taking each “emergency” as it happens and using it as an […]

Week 2: Exercising Our Faith Muscles

Read: 1 Timothy 4:7-12

When I ask people what they need more of in their lives when it comes to their Christian journey, most people will invariably mention “faith.” And why not? Faith is the catalyst for helping us believe what we say we believe. A growing faith spurs us on to further trust God with […]

Where You’ll Find Me This Year

I’m the type of person who makes resolutions…you know, a (usually unattainable) list of all the things I want to accomplish, bad habits I want to break, good habits I intend to start. I recently dragged out my list from last year and went down the annual shame spiral as I realized how many lofty […]