Where You’ll Find Me This Year

I’m the type of person who makes resolutions…you know, a (usually unattainable) list of all the things I want to accomplish, bad habits I want to break, good habits I intend to start. I recently dragged out my list from last year and went down the annual shame spiral as I realized how many lofty goals I consistently did not meet. I think this year I will narrow it down to one…

Be here now.

Chris and Sarah Desjardine serve in Kalimantan Indonesia

Kalimantan Indonesia

That’s it. Just be present at any given time. Not thinking of where I’ve been or wondering (worrying) about where I will be in the future; just actively participating in the moment . . . the now. In the midst of power outages and sweaty afternoons, laughs with friends, crazy moments that I will probably only experience while living here (a family of 5 using a single motorcycle like a minivan, the rooster that sneaks into our side yard and startles me several times a day when it crows, kids yelling out “Hello Mister” to me whenever I go out), quiet evenings and weekends with my husband uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle that usually accompanies life in the States, and so many more things, important and mundane.  I am resolving to be here in those moments now.

I think so often being fully engaged in the moment God has brought me to is all He asks. If I’m there and keep my eyes and ears open, He can show me how He’s working and what part He wants me to play.

So this year, I’m going to be here now, wherever and whatever “now” means, and let God take care of the rest.

Want to join me?  How is God calling you to be in the here and now?


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