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Partners in Ministry

Burton Family Christmas Photo

When we lived stateside, we visited family at Christmas, shopped for gifts til we dropped, and baked more than any family could eat. We also tried our best to make sure our kids understood that while those things were fun additions to our holiday, Christmas is really about the gift […]

Generations of Innovation

In 1964 violent uprisings gripped the country that is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Missionaries found themselves in increasing danger and needed to escape before the fighting claimed their lives. Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) played a key role in these evacuations. While airplanes were obviously integral, according to decades-old reports and testimonies, another […]

Top 3 Things to Remember About Missionaries Coming Home

I am often asked about by very well-intentioned people how they can help MAF missionaries who are returning from the field. Coming home is one of the hardest things a missionary faces. Yet this may be the single most misunderstood stage in a missionary’s journey.

People typically think the initial departure—leaving friends, family, and all […]

Water From Rock

A team from France is assisting a remote Congolese village with its water system. I had the opportunity to learn more about the project when I picked them up after they spent one week assessing the needs.

Nick Frey with the team that worked on the installation

The current system is a bit dated and […]

Future Pilots?

A couple of potential future pilots visited our hanger this week. They were eager to learn about airplanes and pilots. The students were from an international school called TASOK (The American School of Kinshasa), located here in DR Congo. MAF was happy to host the group, and I had the privilege of guiding them through […]

The New VSAT in Nyankunde

Nyankunde is just a little over 15 miles from Bunia, the site of MAF’s main base in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), but in some ways it feels a lot farther removed. Bunia, while no metropolis, feels like a city; there is constant noise, people everywhere, and limited natural scenery. Nyankunde is much […]