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Holiday Hallucinations

Okay, so I had a really weird moment today at the pasar (our local market). Something washed over me amid the oppressive heat, and the crowds of people squeezing past me and, yes, even the smells, which I won’t mention. All of a sudden I felt like it was Thanksgiving. For just a brief moment […]

Watching the Next Generation Heed the Call

I get to spend roughly ninety minutes with new MAF candidates—an hour and a half to to hear their hearts and the calling that God has put on them and their families.

I am often amazed by what I hear during that short time.

It is a habit of older generations (myself included) to bemoan […]

Remembering the Reason

A couple of weeks ago our Indonesian helper told us that she woke up to weeping in her neighborhood. She soon learned that a young Muslim woman, one of her neighbors, had suddenly passed away from complications after a cesarean section. Without even the smallest warning she left behind her brand new baby girl, along […]

Indonesian Thanksgivings

Sentani team Thanksgiving, 2012. Photo by Erica Feunekes.

When we first moved overseas, I wondered how it would be celebrating various holidays, especially my favorite one, Thanksgiving. Without crisp, cool weather, my grandmother’s dressing, and post-feast football, what would Thanksgiving be like? Is it even possible in the tropics?

Tarakan team Thanksgiving, 2010. […]