Merry Christmas and Happy Easter!

Excitement is building in the Boyd household as we prepare for Christmas. There’s been baking and candy making going on so that “snack alley,” our holiday tradition, will be well-stocked. The tree and decorations are up, and I occasionally hear whispers in other rooms as Tanya or the children make secret plans.

Yes, Christmas is a joyous time. But the thing I love most about it is the reason behind the holiday. This “holy day” is all about Jesus Christ and His coming to earth to take the penalty for our sin. It’s about God’s unfathomable love … a love for you and me so strong, so deep, that our Lord would give up His own son to death and suffering, on our behalf.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. —John 3:16

Christmas is only half of the story. As you celebrate the birth of the baby in the manger, please pause to remember Jesus on the cross and the empty tomb. Birth, followed by death and resurrection. Because Christmas alone isn’t enough¬¬—we also need Easter.

This Christmas, my prayer is that you will be overwhelmed by God’s love. And if you have not yet experienced salvation through Jesus, please know that it is yours for the asking. It’s God’s Christmas gift to you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Easter!

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