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John BoydWelcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. If you want to know what might be swirling around in my head with regards to missions, aviation and the role MAF is playing in all of it, this is the place to visit. I hope to shed some light on the opportunities MAF has to serve God and the amazing things He is doing around the world.I have served as the president of MAF since 2007 and have worked with this wonderful organization in some capacity since 1991. I’ll try to provide context for what MAF is doing through its strategic initiatives and share interesting pieces of information regarding where the organization is headed. That is what I hope to accomplish through this blog. I invite you visit regularly.

Four Things I’ve Learned About Christian Leadership

It was 1994 when Tanya and I joined Mission Aviation Fellowship, and I was not the typical missionary candidate. While most of MAF’s career missionaries join the ministry in their 20s, I was already middle-aged. Nor did I have the benefit of a Christian upbringing and education, as I came to know the Lord much […]

Extroverts, Introverts, and Pizza

There was a study done on the leadership of pizza franchises: When it comes to making and delivering tasty pizza pies, who is better equipped to lead a franchise, an extrovert or an introvert? The study looked closely at the successes and failures of several restaurants for an extended period of time. The answer to […]

Top 3 Things to Remember About Missionaries Coming Home

I am often asked about by very well-intentioned people how they can help MAF missionaries who are returning from the field. Coming home is one of the hardest things a missionary faces. Yet this may be the single most misunderstood stage in a missionary’s journey.

People typically think the initial departure—leaving friends, family, and all […]

How Voodoo Taught Me to Cherish Silence

I bolted upright in bed—my heart racing.

Eerie chanting and wailing surrounded our home. I flung off the sheets and ran to the window. A few feet away a crowd of Haitians were singing, swaying, and banging drums. I crawled back to bed, admittedly a little shaken, and stuffed ear plugs in hopes of getting […]

Cultures and Time

Twenty minutes passed and my patience started running thin. The cycle of flipping through old magazines, checking my phone, and sighing loudly was growing as stale as the coffee in the office lobby I was visiting.

How long was this guy going to take? Doesn’t he know I have things to do?

I am always […]

Preparing for Slippery Cross-Cultural Experiences

How do you peel a banana?

The answer is easy: Just start from the top. However, things get a little more complex when you start talking about which end really is the top. Here in the U.S., the top is the end with the stem. That is how bananas are displayed in grocery stores. That is […]