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Ellie ScheerMatt, Ellie, and their three children Blake, Callie, and Eva are preparing to serve in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Matt is a pilot/mechanic and Ellie is a registered nurse, specializing in labor/delivery and women's health. To learn more about their journey, please visit

Where We Call Home

Our family has been living in Indonesia for two years now, and lately I have had to reevaluate what exactly my perspective of “home” is. The truth is, though we have been here for two years, this place doesn’t quite feel like home. Yet. I recently found out that my parents and my best friend’s […]

Where We Find Comfort

A couple of months ago we took in a little kitten from our street that had been abandoned by its mother. She was still quite young and at first needed to be fed milk from a dropper. Almost immediately, she started a habit that seemed a little strange and funny to us. Whenever she was […]

A Beautiful Plan

I first met Ibu Lina the day she showed up at our house for an interview to be our house helper. An extremely meek, sweet-faced woman, she mentioned nothing about the fact that she had a serious, debilitating illness. I hired her that same day.

Not long after that, she began calling in sick for days […]

Let it Go

I know what is probably going through your mind when you read that title: visions of ice princesses casting ice to the all too familiar Disney tune. Sorry if it’s in your head the rest of the day, but this post is about how Indonesia has taught me to let go of some things—to be […]

When You Just Want to Hide

We had only been living on this little Indonesian island for a couple of weeks, but I noticed it right away. The prolonged stares, every pair of eyes on me in the parking lot as I tried to back out of a difficult spot, people pointing me out to their friends and yelling “Hello Mister,” […]

Trust More, Fear Less

Recently a friend sent me a package from the States. Included with the goodies and treats for the kids was a small daily devotional book entitled, “Trust More, Fear Less.” She couldn’t have known how timely that little book was in relation to what was going on in my heart at that moment. But God […]