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Never Too Late

“I can still hear in my mind the hooting and chanting as they came along the path,” said centenarian John VanHouten, his hearing keen to pick up what his failing eyesight missed.

“That’s the tribe from the next mountain coming,” one of the villagers told him. “They keep time to their marching as they come along.” […]

No Longer Hiding

With MAF’s help, a once-primitive tribe shares the Gospel in the Papuan jungle

MAF Cessna 185 preparing to take off from the rocky airstrip of Mulia. Photo by Dick Martin.

When the MAF airplane first soared over the small village of Mulia in Papua, Indonesia, back in 1958, only the Dani chief was brave enough […]

Faithfulness Across Generations

MAF Staff Share Perspectives About Ministry Through the Years

David Francis works on an MAF airplane. Photo by MAF staff.

An extra headset sat in the passenger seat of MAF pilot David Francis’ airplane. During long flights across the vast Democratic Republic of […]

MAF and the Odyssey Adventure

When MAF touches down in the village of Tinjil, Whit and Jason are excited about the chance to witness a tribe receive the Word of God in their native tongue. But when the local witch doctor utters the tribe’s forbidden spirit words, things take an unexpected turn.

Adventures in Odyssey’s Whit and Jason join MAF in […]

Bakar Batu

In the interior villages of Papua, Indonesia, no holiday or special occasion would be complete without the traditional Bakar Batu feast. The entire community comes together to prepare this meal and many hands are needed to complete the work. Veggies are gathered, a pig is killed, rocks are heated over a fire, and everything is […]

Letter to My Future Self

The jet-lagged Holsten family at the start of their furlough.

We’ve been on furlough in the U.S. for a few weeks. It’s been great, but already I find myself needing to reassure my future self.

Dear Natalie of mid-August,

By now, you have enjoyed a few months of all the wondrous things that the Land of […]