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Delivering God’s Grace

I flew MAF airplanes to deliver rice, water, medicine, generators, live calves, snakes, pigs, butchered beef, live chickens, metal roofing, nails, lumber, oil, gasoline, pencils, paper, books, mail, clothes, engineers, nurses, dentists, doctors and, oh yeah, bibles, pastors, preachers and teachers.

At home base, hangar-helpers stuffed it all into the airplane for me. After landing in […]

It’s in the Mail!

Editor’s Note: The following was taken from a prayer letter from MAF’s John Miller when he and his family were serving in Indonesia. They had just returned to the field after being on furlough when this interesting event unfolded.

6:13 a.m.: After a 45-minute, predawn, preflight inspection, then loading, weather briefing and paperwork, we’re off from […]

Airborne Croc

A common question I get asked as an MAF pilot serving in Kalimantan, Indonesia is “What do you transport in your airplane?” A really short answer would sound something like “I transport people and stuff.” However the “stuff” part of that response can be as varied as the countries we serve in. Often times it […]

Taking The Hill For The Lord

Editor’s note: While MAF aircraft land on hundreds of airstrips around the world, each airstrip has a unique story. This is the story of the Long Metun airstrip in east Kalimantan and was written in 1994 by former MAF pilot Dan Lenz. It chronicles the way that one determined village found just the right spot […]

Fighting Entropy

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At cruise power, a Cessna 206 engine piston races the length of its cylinder 75 times a second. An hour’s flight slams it through 276 thousand cycles, each stroke pealing a few atoms off […]

Surviving Rainy, Swampy Air Strips

Nobody likes to get stranded when they are traveling by plane. A cancelled flight or mechanical failure can be frustrating beyond belief, especially when we simply want to get home to a loved one. When you are a missionary pilot flying in the jungle, those frustrations still exist.

I once went to pick up a missionary […]