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Being Still not ‘All-Star’

After a year and a half of officially living overseas, I should have a handle on this, right? That’s the question that’s been burning in my mind off and on for the last 6 weeks or so.

I should be able to effectively and efficiently run my household, wrangle my almost two-year-old and my almost […]

Kalimantan KODIAK Photo Journal

As MAF looks forward to having two new KODIAKs serving in Indonesia, here’s a look at what the airplane is doing today in Kalimantan.

This load consisted of 28,000 tea plants, which had no problem fitting into the KODIAK. A government-sponsored project into the village of Long Nawang will help the people start a small tea […]

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

A view of Bunia, DRC from above on a radio tower during some antenna work.

Taking a boat ride on the Nile during a family vacation to Jinja, Uganda.

Hiking to a pygmy camp near Epulu, DRC.

Flying past the rim of a volcano near Goma, DRC on the way […]

So, What’s The Point?

When we came to MAF, I, the professional pilot, joined a cutting edge team. Missionaries needed me to reach their ministry sites. The national church needed me in support of their pastoral work. Community Development groups needed me to move engineers. Doctors needed me to deliver them to remote villages. Villagers needed me to take […]

How do you know?

I have the privilege of spending much time visiting MAF’s friends and supporters, and recently the question came up, “How can I tell if a nonprofit organization is worthy of my support?”.

This is a very good question! If you are like most of us, you likely receive a lot of mail—both snail mail and email—from […]

What’s a Missionary?

We serve a big God. One who is greater than we can imagine; who measures the universe by the span of His hand. His ways are higher than ours, and His wisdom in choosing whom He works through is amazing. He chooses the unlikely, the “not yet” of this world. He chooses the unexpected, and […]